Memories from Xenitia, a CD inspired by Vasiliki Scotes' collection of folk songs, "A Weft of Memory".  Lakis Halkias, descendant of prominent Greek folk musicians, infuses twelve songs selected from Vasiliki's book with haunting arrangements and ancient instuments.  Vasiliki Scotes participated in several of the recording sessions.  A poem about "xenitia" which she composed was set to music by Lakis Halkias demonstrating the tenacity of the oral tradition in Greece and the on-going struggle to keep it alive.

Epilogue - Memories from Xenitia
I wish for you a good life, a prosperous life, May you achieve what you desire.  Don't listen to others who tell you- do this, do that.  No!  You must do what you want in life, what you love to do.  If you love dancing, singing, do so!  For, music gives the greatest strength, the best nourshiment and a good lesson.  A very good lesson.
- Vasiliki Scotes
   October, 2011

Memories from Xenitia

Lyrics by: Vasiliki Scotes and Lakis Halkias
Music by: Lakis Halkias
Vocals: Lakis Halkias & and the Polyphonic Chorus of Epirus- T'Aïteryia
Clarinet: George Kotsinis

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