Athena Scotes has lived in many countries.  Born to a Greek mother and a Greek-American father who was a diplomat, she grew up in Iraq, Washington DC, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen and Greece.  She studied film at New York University, received a B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology from Mills College in Oakland California, and also received a Masters in Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Insititue in Carpinteria, California.  She moved to Montreal, Canada in 2009 where she worked at EyeSteelFilm. In 2010 she traveled with her grandmother, Vasiliki, to Greece, where they remained for a year in order to shoot A Last Song to Xenitia.  She now resides in Montreal, Canada.  

Although Athena has traveled and lived in many countries, her love for Greece and its culture has always been strong and provided her with a sense of home.  She grew up listening to her grandmother tell stories and sing old songs from her far away mountain village- it is for this reason that she was inspired to make her first documentary about her grandmother's last journey to Greece at the age of 103. 

About the Director

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