"A Weft of Memory: A Greek Mother's Recollection of Songs and Poems, is a remarkable collection of traditional Greek verse as recalled from memory by Vasiliki Scotes, a woman who has lived in "xenitia" for more than 3 quarters of a century and is now in her 101st year.  With this prodigious sign of memories retained from her youth, Scotes has surely proved her identity as a woman from Theodoriana, a mountainous village tucked away in the northwestern province of Epirus.  Moreover, as a singer and composer of verse in the oral tradition, she has also shown herself to be a worthy descendent of bards who have been reworking Greek poetry and song for thousounds of years."
Book Review- The National Herald, August 1, 2009
Artemis Leontis, Associate Professor of Modern Greek
University of Michigan

A Weft of Memory: A Greek Mother's Recollection of
Folk Songs and Other Poems

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